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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Baby's Bedtime

Hush now my sweet baby boy
It's time to cease your cries.
We've had so much fun today
Now sleep love, close your eyes.
We changed your little diaper
Don't worry about a thing;
That little stream that hit my eye
It didn't really sting.
I know you aren't still hungry
Your tummy's full of milk.
Don't think about that spit-up
That shirt was only silk.
Drool marks stain my pants now
There're smashed peas in my hair.
I've changed your outfit 8 times
But really, I don't care.
One little glass of red wine
A warm and soothing shower,
I know that I will soon forget
You cried for 3 straight hours.
My stretch marks seem much lighter
I'm sure my tummy's flatter.
My breasts aren't quite where they belong
Here's why it doesn't matter:
This morning when you woke me
I moaned and sighed a while,
Then dragged myself out to your bed
And saw your great big gummy smile.


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