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Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

March 3rd was Dr. Suess' birthday. I made plans with the kids to take them to Barnes & Noble for a celebration, with book readings, crafts, and snacks. They were pretty excited. So was I. So excited, that 15 minutes before we would have left, I enthusiastically pushed a jar onto the shelf with the other jars thus dislodging a giant jar filled with pasta sauce which promptly jumped off of said shelf, bounced off of the counter and landed on the floor. The kitchen and I were suddenly a murder scene. There was splatter all over the counter, the backsplash, the floor, the ceiling, and you know I kept finding it everywhere else for days afterwards. There was just no way I could leave it there while we went out for three hours.

With our plans suddenly halted, Alex leapt into gear and started decorating for our own Dr. Suess party. I whipped up a special dinner (which no one ate, despite my repeated attempts to remind them to "try them, try them and you may, try them and you may, I say"). And Paul finished the night with some classic Suess readings.

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