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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ice Cream Sunday

So last Sunday Alex and I were out running errands and I said that right near our last stop was a Friendly's. I expected an excited response, but got nothing but puzzlement.

"Do you know what they have at Friendly's?" I asked him.
"No, what?" he asked.
"Ice cream sundaes," I replied.
Alex's eyes got real wide, his voice was full of awe mixed with excitement as he asked, "Is today Sunday?!"

Normally I would end a good story there. However, today is Thursday. Once again, Alex and I were out running errands in the vicinity of Friendly's; Paul had taken the day off and was home on nap-monitor-duty with Conner and Allison. (Yes, I know I said it.) So Alex and I stopped off for a quick afternoon treat.

He was several bites into his Monster Sundae when he turned to me with a furrowed brow and asked, "Is today Sunday?"
"No," I responded. "It's Thursday."
"Then how come they have ice cream here today?"
I will be a little sad when he learns the difference between a sundae and a Sunday. So all I could think to say was: "Alex, at Friendly's, every day is Sundae."


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