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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Birthday Bowling

The party may be over but today is actually Allison's birthday. I asked her what she would like to do as an activity for her birthday, and she chose to go bowling. Who was I to argue?

We went to the Acton Bowladrome and had the whole place to ourselves.

It was all fun and games right up until Conner "tossed" Allison the ball. She survived the glancing blow to her foot, but Conner was not able to recover from the firm reprimand I administered. Despite my efforts, he was out for the count.

Soon after, Allison said she was done and wanted to go home. Since we were only in the middle of the fifth frame, I opted to bribe the kids with iPhone games and peanut M&M's so I could finish up. Towards the end, I really started to show some improvement!

Check out our scores, and then click the pic for the full slideshow.


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