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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Princess (and Prince) Class

This past spring a new children's playspace opened up in the next town over called Jam Time.  Aside from providing an excellent environment for little kids to run around and play, the place offers a set schedule of "classes" that appeal to the 2 - 6 crowd.  When I saw that they had a Princess Class I just couldn't resist signing Allison up.  

Now, Allison is in general a pretty grown-up little girl.  She tends towards a maturity and confidence that exceeds her 4 short years.  Knowing this, I assumed that Allison would enjoy herself in Princess Class while Conner played outside the little class room in the big open playspace full of other kids and a wide range of toys and climbing structures.  Both kids had other plans.  Allison would not stay in the classroom unless I stayed with her, and Conner would not play outside the classroom unless I stayed with him.  That's how we all ended up staying for Princess Class.  

For the 1st 10 or so minutes of the class, the girls were provided with a multitude of fancy costumes, fairy wings, tiaras, jewelry, shoes, wands, etc.  They dressed themselves all up, then the unused costumes were put away and the class was taught some etiquette lesson in a very fun and age appropriate way.  They played some games and listened to stories, then there was a craft to do and finally, a princess tea party with strawberry milk and a treat.  

Conner made it a minute and a half before jumping in.  He helped Allison pick out her costume, participated in the lesson, made a craft, and loved the tea party.  By the end of class I was writing a second check to the owner because Conner was hooked.  They graciously renamed the class Princess and Prince Class, and brought in knight and pirate costumes, but Conner has no interest beyond helping Allison with her attire.  

Here are some ridiculously cute pictures I've taken of the class.


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