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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Baby Russell Ultrasound #1

On October the 8th Paul and I found out that we were expecting. This being baby number 3, life was moving by pretty quickly and we'd barely had time to get used to the idea when things started to get complicated.

In honour of Paul's upcoming Masters graduation from Harvard, and our upcoming 5th wedding anniversary, I planned a trip to Bermuda. We took off as planned on November 18th, and when the normally 2 hour flight turned into 8 hours it was only the first of many events over the next few days that made us wish we were back home with the kids. When we did finally make it to the airport on Wednesday the 22rd we were exhausted and so ready to be home it was all we could think of. However, we had just barely made it through check-in, security, and customs when I started to have some bleeding.

We were taken to the King Edwards hospital in Bermuda, where an ultrasound found that the baby was doing fine, but that I had experienced a subchorionic hematoma. This is not an uncommon occurrence in pregnancy, and the outcome, I was later to learn, is very difficult to predict. Mine measured 3.5 x 7 cm. Here is a picture of the ultrasound from Bermuda.



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