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From a mother of three to you.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Paul's Birthday Poem


I gave it some serious thought;
what to get you for your day?
You've got every gizmo or gadget
with which you like to play.

I know you prefer that I don't
spend too much on your birthday.
You'd much prefer to sock
your hard earned pay away.

I try to find a balance
between saving for retirement
and making sure our household
has the things that are requirements.

For instance...

I think I'm doing a good job of
meeting all your wishes;
I even recently bought you
those pretty pink flower dishes.

And don't worry about having
enough baby clothes in time;
I've taken care of that too
and I didn't spare a dime.

Those shoes I bought were on clearance
and they were just my size.
I know that snapping up that bargain
was truly good and wise.

When I go into Borders
I try to just walk and look,
but really can we spare any expense
on our children's books?

I have to say I've come so far
it's really rather funny.
I've learned to hit the biggest sales
it saves us so much money!

I've tried to make you a good wife
I do all for you I can think.
Though sometimes I get the feeling
I might be driving you to drink.

So for those occasional moments
When you're asking why, why, why?
Here's one more thing I've done for you
So you're throat won't get dry.

I'm not entirely certain
if you'll like it better then a backrub;
But I've added one more year on
to your beer of the month club.

So think of me while you're drinking;
give toasts and cheers and such.
Cuz you've got a wonderful wifey
who never spends too much!